Monthly calls
Fire Department Training
Every Member of the department is responsible for attending training for continuing education. Training’s are held every Monday night 1900-2100. The first Monday of every month is EMS training, the second is Fire Training, and the third is Joint Training. Click here to see the schedule of department trainings.
EMS Training
In the state of Ohio every EMT and Firefighter is required to complete a certain number of hours of continuing education based on their certification level.
Fire Training
In the State of Ohio there are three levels of Firefighter certifications and three levels of EMS certifications. The initial training requirements are as follows.


EMS Medical Direction
All EMS Agencies operate under a physician's license, the physician must be board certified in Emergency Medicine. Valley City Fire Department operates under Matthew Vrobel, MD through Medina Hospital.

We are pleased to announce that Matthew Vrobel, MD, is the new EMS Medical Director for Medina Hospital. In this position, Dr. Vrobel will work with area fire departments and EMS providers in the cities and townships under Medina Hospital’s medical control.

Dr. Vrobel joined Medina Hospital in 2007, where he has served as an ED physician in the hospital and at the Brunswick Immediate Care Center. He is also a flight physician with Metro LifeFlight.

Prior to joining Medina Hospital, he was an assistant medical director for the city of Irwin, Pennsylvania, and completed elective training in prehospital medicine during his residency at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Dr. Vrobel received his medical degree from the Ohio State University and his undergraduate degree from Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Vrobel lives in the city of Medina with his wife and two daughters.